Homeless Vet Sacrifices Last $20 to Help Stranded Woman, She is Making Sure He Gets Paid Back, Big Time

There are so many stories out there of millennials being the “me” generation who are selfish and uncaring. So it is so refreshing to see a story where a young person actually recognizes the sacrifices of others and is so grateful, that she actually takes action to give back. Check out this heartwarming story and be reassured that there are some really great people in the world.

As a woman, running out of gas can be pretty disconcerting. Running out of gas in an unfamiliar and not-so-great area is terrifying. Walking to a gas station and leaving your car behind is downright scary. Imagine then a scruffy homeless man approaches. For most women, this would cause some fear and survival instincts to kick in.

Thankfully, in this story, the homeless man turned out to be veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr., and Johnny had a heart of gold.

H/T Breitbart



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