Holy Smokes! Fusion GPS Is Still ‘Digging’ up Dirt on the President

Fusion GPS is the Trump-Russia Dossier Firm that has everything to lose if there is no dirt turned up on President Donald Trump. That is why it is reported that they continue to investigate President Trump and Russia. It may be a desperate ploy on their part. 

Fusion GPS and one of its it founders, Glen Simpson, have been under a lot of pressure from various committees in Congress. None of their salacious claims have been verified. Their investigator, Christopher Steele has already made multiple appearances in Congress. The heat must be being felt at Fusion GPS.

As Written and Reported By Sam Schwarz for Newsweek:

Fusion GPS, the firm behind the controversial dossier connecting President Donald Trump and Russia, is apparently not done looking into potential ties between the president and the nation accused of meddling in the 2016 elections.

The news comes from a report in The New York Times Monday, which purports



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