Holocaust denial: ‘Jews colluded with Hitler’

Haj Amin al-Husseini with Adolf Hitler

Two days before Holocaust Remembrance Day, an official Palestinian Authority TV channel broadcast the claims of a Palestinian political analyst that Jews “colluded with Hitler,” denying the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazi regime.

A Palestinian TV interviewer posed to Hani Abu Zeid, a Palestinian political analyst and commentator, that the Holocaust is “a lie” that Jews “spread worldwide.”

“Yes, it was a lie,” Zeid said, “and many Israelis, or many Jews, colluded with Hitler, so that he would facilitate the bringing of settlers to Palestine.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute, which translates Arabic, Persian and Russian media, reported the newscast.

Zeid said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top government officials “should stand trial as war criminals.”

“The Israelis will end up shedding tears of blood [out of regret] for their current conduct,” he said.


Art Moore

Art Moore

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