Hollywood’s Contempt For Individual Rights

Hollywood celebrities regularly abuse their stardom by engaging in political rhetoric. The latest perpetrator is Frances McDormand, this year’s winner of the Best Actress Oscar. She insists that both cast and crew in all movies ought to be composed of at least 50 percent women and minorities. This is her version of diversity, one that I am certain has the stamp of approval from the Left.

How would McDormand remake classic films like Lawrence of Arabia, Patton, or The Diary of Anne Frank…I wonder? Denzel Washington as T.E. Lawrence? Will Smith as General Patton? Oprah Winfrey as Anne Frank? Wait a minute. What about Daniel Day-Lewis as Martin Luther King? Or—if we’re really aiming for diversity—Oprah Winfrey as General Patton? That’s fine if it accurately represents the director’s vision. But what if it doesn’t? McDormand doesn’t give a damn. She would employ coercion against movie producers who do not adhere



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