Hollywood in DEEP TROUBLE on Sunday (they’re panicked!)

by Frank Holmes, reporter  

So many people have stopped watching Hollywood awards shows over their far-left political nonsense that producers are facing a ratings and financial catastrophe.

In a panic, networks have told liberal Hollywood stars: When you’re on the red carpet, stop talking politics!

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Hollywood insiders are worried the 90th annual Academy Awards, which is scheduled for Sunday, will rank as the least-watched of all time – and it’s because star spend all their time promoting their left-wing political views.

Producers say the focus on sexual harassment, sparked by allegations that heavyweight producer Harvey Weinstein raped dozens of starlets, has gone too far – and Americans are about to turn off the set for good.

“Viewers enjoyed hearing more about the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements” at the Golden Globes, said Jennifer Neal, executive vice president of



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