Hollywood has Crashed! Worst Financial Time In Decades!

The Los Angeles Times has reported that that the number of movie tickets sold in North America is expected to hit 1.26 billion in 2017, which is well below 2016’s 1.31 billion.

In fact, it is the fewest amount of tickets sold in a year since 1995.

What has happened to Hollywood? A number of things.

Actor Nick Searcy lays some of the blame on the fact that Left-wing Hollywood has not harbored the best attitude toward President Donald Trump in 2017.

Instead, many entertainment elites have unleashed their anger toward the chief executive on award shows, in press interviews and on social media.

“Justified” star Nick Searcy is one of those people who refused to join the ranks of blind-rage liberalism.

Leftists in Hollywood are “missing the point really badly,” according to Searcy,

Of course, left wing idealism is only the beginning,

In October, Cory Feldman said that



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