HOA tells woman seeking kidney donor to remove car sign

More than anything in the world, Gabi Morales wants a new kidney, but her Tampa Bay-area homeowner’s association is threatening to fine her if she doesn’t remove a magnetic sign from her car that seeks a living organ donor.

Born with one kidney that was just 10 percent developed and another that was not developed at all, the 23-year-old woman has been living with medical problems since birth. She received a transplant from her father when she was five, but after 18 years it has failed. Morales spends 10 hours a day attached to a dialysis machine.

The magnetic sign, attached to the passenger-side rear door of the family car, reads: 23 year old needs living kidney donor! Give the gift of life! Facebook: Find a Kidney for Gabriele “Gabi” [email protected]

The homeowner’s association says the sign makes the car a commercial vehicle, and that breaks the Glen Oaks



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