Hillary’s Pantsuit Is On Fire

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Of course you’ve heard the phrase, “Liar liar, pants on fire!” Well, Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit is hotter than chicken grease friends and neighbors. Let me fill you in on how conniving, low, and stupid the idol of the Left really is. Now, she’s the heir apparent to the White House. She’s a shoe in for the nomination, her husband is looking for a new rendezvous with Monica, and Obama, having pretty much finished the destruction of America is about to retire to Kenya with Michael. Life is good. Her opponent is a loud mouth real estate broker who has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination, much less the election. Hillary could run this campaign in her bathrobe and slippers. So, what does she do? She hires Putin and the boys to dig dirt on the republican candidate.

I crappith thee NOT! Clinton and the



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