Hillary Still “Paying” Since Her Failed Presidential Bid

There may be some very good reasons that Hillary Clinton has still been paying Huma Abedin out of her campaign funds. In 2017, Ms. Abedin received over $65,000 in pay from Ms. Clinton. Abedin was not the only one receiving campaign funds this year. It may all be completely legal. Here is the story to date.

As Written and Reported By Joe Schoffstall for the Washington Free Beacon:

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has paid Huma Abedin nearly $65,000 from her campaign funds since her November election defeat, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Records show Abedin, Clinton’s longtime friend and aide who served as the vice chair of the campaign, has been paid $64,415.10 in salary from Hillary for America, Clinton’s campaign committee, since mid-November.

From mid-November to the end of March, Abedin was paid $52,180.65 from Hillary for America. From the beginning of April until the end of June, Abedin was



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