Hillary: Sick, Sliding in the Polls, on the Verge of Being Replaced – Biden?

The Toricelli maneuver. Get ready, folks. It’s coming.

You remember Robert “The Torch” Toricelli. Late in the 2002 New Jersey Senate election, corruption-dogged Democrat candidate Torricelli withdrew from the campaign on September 30, 2002. Rather than risk losing the seat to a Republican, in a blatantly illegal maneuver after the filing deadline had passed, New Jersey state Democrats replaced Torricelli with retired Sen. Frank Lautenberg. The ex-senator easily defeated Republican Doug Forrester and kept the senate seat in Democratic hands.

Hillary Clinton has just had the worst week in presidential politics, and it doesn’t look like things are getting better for her any time soon.

First, she’s sick. There’s nothing like collapsing in public to show everyone that something is seriously wrong with this woman.

After admitting to suffering from bacterial pneumonia and taking five days off from the campaign trail to rest up, the Clinton Campaign suddenly canceled…



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