Hillary Is Skating On Thin Ice

Hillary Is Skating On Thin Ice (Image: MGN)

The State Department is reopening the investigation into Hillary’s email server. She will not be indicted now because the FBI has closed their probe into the investigation. Although, her colleagues could still lose their security clearance making it impossible for them to get their old jobs back if Hillary becomes President.

The investigation that Hillary Clinton thought was over…has now just been reopened.

The investigation has been ongoing since January. After 22 emails, from Hillary’s private server, were found to be “top secret” the investigation was set into motion. The investigation alone is very sensitive but seemed to all go downhill after the FBI got involved. In April, the investigation seemed to become clouded and muddy after the FBI stepped in. The intense investigation, however, boiled down to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch saying there would be no indictments resulting from the FBI investigation.

Then the…



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