Hillary: Investigation Against Me Would Be “Offensive, Abuse of Power”

Sometimes I just want to throw up when I hear Hillary Clinton talk. After all the scandals and lies she has told over the years, she really never ceases to amaze me. When will she ever learn? Someone should tell her, if she really wants to know ‘What Happened?”…the American people just got tired of all of her lies and scandals. It’s that simple.

After Hillary Clinton’s blame tour of her new book, “What Happened” it seems now more than ever she has a new scapegoat. Congratulations to Jeff Sessions! Sessions is the new scapegoat! I guess she’s exhausted most of the other people she knows.

Hillary Clinton expressed that she deeply regretted that Sessions’ investigation into her multiple sins appeared to be “the politicization of the Justice Department.”

Hillary Clinton focused in on the Uranium One story, which has been slowly breaking since the 2015 book Clinton Cash showed that



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