Hillary delegate Gloria Allred refuses to say Moore signature in high school yearbook not fabricated

During a telephone interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Gloria Allred, a former delegate for Democrat Hillary Clinton who now represents one of the women accusing Judge Roy Moore, refused to say that the alleged signature in the woman’s yearbook is not fabricated.  When asked if she would submit the yearbook for analysis, she dodged the question, saying that while she agrees the signature needs to be analyzed, she would only agree to do so under certain conditions.

Here’s a tweet showing the yearbook signature in question next to a signature on a court document from 1999:

Here are the 2 signatures in question… pic.twitter.com/w1msyOClYc

— Bob Grip (@Bob_Grip) November 15, 2017

“Can you say flatly to our viewers right now, Gloria, that the signature, what he wrote in that yearbook in 1977, according to her, can you say flatly that was not a forgery?” Blitzer asked.




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