Hillary Clinton’s Five Most Embarrassing Moments in 2017 (Plus A Bonus)

Now granted, we could have easily drawn this list out quite a bit. But five seemed like a nice concise list in which we can remind Hillary Clinton of how embarrassing this past year has been for her, while not going overboard by kicking a dead presidential campaign.

Let’s not delay and get right down to the topic at hand – the 5 most embarrassing Hillary Clinton moments from this past year.

1)Hillary Shills Her Book in the Dairy Aisle at Costco

It’s bad enough you have to even write a book explaining to your friends why you were such a loser the year before, but it’s even worse when you have to sell it in the dairy aisle at a local Costco

A Year in the Life pic.twitter.com/8Bf6n9dRi1

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) October 25, 2017

Don’t you wonder how many people walked up to



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