Hillary Clinton Is “Too Big To Jail”

Meet Jill Stien, the presidential candidate for the Green Party, while she is no friend of the conservatives, she is even less of a friend to Hillary Clinton. This begs the question, is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy.

At the very least, watch this video and see what words she has to say concerning crooked Hillary.

When asked about Hillary getting the intel briefing, Stien said Hillary is “too big to jail.” I’m not sure I have ever heard a better way to describe Hillary before. Just like the Wallstreet banks she has protected, Hillary is supplying the same political tactics to control her prosecutors and avoid prison time. She is a crook, pure and simple.

So, while I would never advocate actually going out and voting for Jill Stien, or even listening to her message more than is needed, she is absolutely right…



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