Hillary: A Champion For Women And Victims For Over 40 Years (NOT)

The hypocritical outrage of the Left against the Roy Moore’s of the world is sooooo amusing and, at the same time, sickening. Prominent members of a group in my area called the Progressive 25 have launched a campaign against me for victim shaming. Why? Because I questioned the timing of the allegations against Judge Roy Moore. Because I questioned Gloria Allred’s involvement. And because I pointed out several stories about the news-rags that broke the story being accused of paying people.

This incident brought back memories of the Duke Lacrosse team, where lives were ruined because of false allegations. Rev. Al Sharpton ran to the aid of the alleged victim with no proof and had no problem ruining the lives of several students on an accusation alone.

If Judge Roy Moore is found to be guilty he should be castrated with a dull butter knife and thrown into



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