High Ranking Syrian Defector: Assad Kept Hundreds of Tons of Sarin Gas

General Zaher al-Sakat, a high ranking official in the Syrian army until his defection in 2013 says he has personal knowledge that Assad only claimed half of the sarin nerve gas he actually had.

From the UK Telegraph:

 President Bashar al-Assad continues to retain hundreds of tonnes of his country’s chemical stockpile after deceiving United Nations inspectors sent in to dismantle it, according to Syria’s former chemical weapons research chief and other experts.

Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat – who served as head of chemical warfare in the powerful 5th Division of the military until he defected in 2013 – told The Telegraph that Assad’s regime failed to declare large amounts of sarin and its precursor chemicals. …

“They [the regime] admitted only to 1,300 tonnes, but we knew in reality they had nearly double…



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