He’s Governor Moonbeam Again, Brown Claims Wildfires Are Caused By Warming

California Governor Jerry Brown formerly known by the nom de plume of Governor Moonbeam insists the California wildfires were caused by global warming.

“This is kind of the new normal,” he said, adding that extreme fire activity will happen on a regular basis for decades. “With climate change, some scientists are saying that Southern California is literally burning up,” he said. “So we have to have the resources to combat the fires and we also have to invest in managing the vegetation and forests … in a place that’s getting hotter.”

The governor’s claim was backed up by liberal media outlets such as the NY Times and Rolling Stone. The only problem with these claims is they are bogus.

Cliff Mass, a climate scientist at the University of Washington explained on his blog Sunday:

Let me demonstrate this to you, with facts, peer-reviewed papers, and



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