Here’s a Dirty Little Secret Steak Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know About [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard of Transglutaminase?  Most people never have.  Have you ever ordered a steak that did not taste like it should?  Most of us have.  Soon, you will learn why that is true and how they fool you.  Transglutaminase is not dangerous and eating it will have absolutely no effect on you.  So, what is Transglutaminase?  In layman’s terms it’s meat glue.  Yum yum.

You can’t judge a steak by taste anymore. Now thanks to one man’s video, we now see the horrible trick many restaurants use to fool you into paying more for cheap cuts of beef. It’s not only disturbing, it is theft. With a simple ingredient with a disgusting name, restaurants can take the cheapest chunks of beef and make them look like expensive steaks. If you haven’t been…



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