Here’s 6 Things a Guy Says When He’s Caught Cheating and Sorry Isn’t One of Them

#1 “I don’t even know her”

Right, right, so you just happened to stumble across a dinner for two? Or did you trip and land with your arms around her? The audacity to actually say that when someone’s caught cheating is mind blowing! You need to assess the situation, what was the guy caught doing and in that case, can it be considered as cheating or is it possible that he doesn’t really know her? Sadly, quite often you’ll realise that it’s a load of crap and it would be an insult to your intelligence if you stay around him any longer.

2 “I don’t owe you an explanation”

Uh, you kinda do. When a guy says this, it’s completely baffling because if they’re caught red handed and you demand an…



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