Here She Is Folks! Proving Why She Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Republicans think that if Hillary Clinton gets involved in the 2018 elections, she could just be the gift that keeps on giving. On the Democrat side, there are some pundits that agree with the theory that she would be a detriment, not an asset. There are others who look at her role in certain areas and see her as the Grinch who could steal elections from the GOP. Hillary will also be looking at it from the standpoint of what does she gain by being involved? 

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

The Democratic advantage heading into the 2018 midterms is immense (for now). Anything can happen. We have the political equivalent of two millennia before voters are off to the polls on Election Day next year, but Democrats are mulling their own base strategy. For Republicans, they’ve passed tax reform. Middle class families will see relief. Despite the



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