Headline writers go wild over pooping Amazon driver

Headline writers around the globe have gone wild over the story of an Amazon delivery driver who was caught on video pooping in a customer’s driver.

And there was a common theme.

“Pooping in gutter,” said Fox 40. “Driver poops,” said ABC. “Video shows woman pooping,” said CBS. “Driver caught pooping,” said WWLP. “SEE IT: Amazon delivery driver caught on video pooping,” said the New York Daily News.

One European publication varied that message, stating, “Ding dung. Amazon delivery driver caught having a poo on customer’s driveway after dropping of a package.”

The simple story is that homeowner Nemy Bautista is “down in the dumps,” according to the Huffington Post, after finding feces in front of his house and reviewing a security video that showed the Amazon driver, who later was relieved of her duties by Amazon.

This will never happen to you when you order from the WND Superstore.



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