Have you heard of billionaire activists John and Laura Arnold?

They are a billionaire couple that have managed to remain under the political radar screen, that are using their wealth to have the kind of political influence expected from the likes of the Koch Brothers or George Soros. They have worked to reshape the nation’s schools, criminal justice system, health care system by cloaking their influence via grants to institutes, universities, and politically oriented charities.

The Arnolds didn’t make their fortune building one or more successful businesses, they got wealthy the same way Soros did, by betting on someone else’s money. Arnold traded with Enron, the disastrously failed company that almost brought down the electrical grid in

John Arnold gamed the system and in the process made $750 at the expense of other investors. He cracked the Forbes 400 in 2007, after making billions trading oil and gas futures during turbulent times for the energy markets. He was once



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