Has Google’s Reluctance in AI Given Microsoft an Edge? | Tech News Briefing | WSJ

Google has been investing heavily in artificial intelligence and even had its own AI chatbot years before ChatGPT went viral. But inside the company, frustration has simmered over Google’s reluctance to release these products to the public.

WSJ Google reporter Miles Kruppa joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the reasons behind those choices and if they cost the company its lead in AI.

0:00 Google has spent billions developing AI. Why is Microsoft winning?
0:40 What kind of AI has Google worked on over the years?
1:28 Does Google have a chatbot like ChatGPT?
3:45 What happened to Google’s AI research after not being allowed to go public?
4:46 Are LaMDA developers still with Google?
6:17 Where does Google go from here?

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