Has CNN Become The Sh*thole Network?

You may have noticed this past week after rumor leaked that President Trump had called some 3rd world nations, “shi*holes.” When asked, the President denied ever making the comment but he did admit that the conversation was aggressive. While the comment was controversial, what was even crazier was how the media, and particularly CNN, reacted to the commentary.

Dozens of normally civilized (if not left-leaning) journalists and hosts turned into mind-readers who just knew this was Trump’s way of admitting that he was a “racist.”

CNN not only called the President a racist on multiple occasions throughout the week, they also broke the record for saying the word “shi*hole” on one network over the space of just a couple of days.

Sean Hannity explains:

[embedded content]

All right. So, the sick, the twisted, the mentally unstable anti-Trump media again working itself into a new manufactured frenzy now



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