Harvard Offers Course on Poop. Really?

I remember when the word “Harvard” was used as a general term for getting into the best university in the country. It was the de facto choice for inspiring young students to work hard in school: “Don’t you want to get into Harvard?” It was right up there with wanting to be president as far as motivation goes.

After all, seven of our former presidents (including Obama) graduated from Harvard. It must be a place of scholarly thought.

Oh how Harvard has fallen. Liberal universities are increasingly grasping for unique and fresh course selections to set them apart from the rest. Therefore, for the tidy sum of around $5,000 in tuition, you can pop over to Harvard as a part-time student and take a 4 credit hour class on crap. I so wanted this to be a joke, but it isn’t.

H/T Daily Wire

A four-credit course about

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