Harvard-Educated Lynch Gets Owned by Congressman From Humble Background

We all know, anyone tied to the Clintons for a long period of time has probably been involved in some dirty deeds. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is no different.

Neither Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or Loretta Lynch are above the law. But it really is one thing to hear about it and an entirely different matter to actually see it happen in front of you.

A video posted on YouTube makes the point – scroll down for video:

Sadly from what we have learned from the Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which on Thursday released 29 pages of FBI emails related to the 2016 tarmac meeting, the documents show officials were more concerned about the leak than the substance of the report. They didn’t care about whether or not Bill Clinton obstructed justice meeting with Loretta Lynch, or that Hillary actually broke the law.

In a July 16 exchange between



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