Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling: God Is a Black Woman

I’ve never cared for J.K. Rowling. She’s a great writer and a lousy person. The famed author of the Harry Potter series, recently stated that God is a black woman after Republican Judge Roy Moore was defeated in the Alabama senatorial race by Democrat Doug Jones. She posted a tweet saying this probably as a reference to the large number of female black voters that voted for Doug Jones. Some exit polls showed as many as 98% of black women in the state voted for Jones.

As for Rowling’s reference to God being “in control,” that was probably a reference to a video that she had retweeted earlier of Roy Moore refusing to concede the election, in which he stated, “we also know that God is in control.” Basically, Rowling is making fun of Moore because he lost and because he’s a white male, Christian conservative. She also hates President



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