Hacking Hillary: The Debate

**This is a work of satire and to you liberals that means it’s just a joke**

Editor’s note – Our Russian “friend” leaked yet another one of Hillary’s emails to us on Friday. This time to Lester Holt who will be moderating the first presidential debate on Monday. This can’t be ethical… 

[Leaked on 9.23.16]

Dear Mr. Holt,

Let me start off by saying congratulations on hosting Monday’s presidential debate. However, I’m very unhappy that I am writing to you and not Matt Lauer. You know he was a deep personal friend of mine, but that’s okay. I expect you to show me the same “professional” courtesy that he would have during the debate.

Now, because I’m sure your two-bit news station forgot to cover topics with you, I figured I’d fill you in.

Things we will NOT be talking about: emails, my health, Benghazi,…



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