Hacking Hillary: Teaching Tim Kaine

**This is a work of satire and to you liberals that means it’s just a joke**

Editor’s note – Our Russian “friend” leaked yet another one of Hillary’s emails to us on Friday. This time to her vice president, Tim Kaine. With Hillary as a boss, you almost feel sorry for the guy … Almost. 

[Leaked on 9.30.16]

Dear Tim Kaine,

You better have been paying attention to Monday’s debate and taking notes. Yours is on Tuesday against that human stain Mike Pence. I expect you to deliver as resounding a win as I did against Trump.

However, just to make sure you don’t blow it, I’m going to give you some last minute coaching.

For starters, Mike Pence is clearly smarter than you. It’s not your fault … directly. It’s just that basically everyone in Washington is smarter than you. So don’t get drug into…



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