Hacking Hillary: Biden Better Watch His Back

**This is a work of satire and to you liberals that means it’s just a joke**

Editor’s note – Our Russian “friend” leaked yet another one of Hillary’s emails to us on Friday. This time to Vice President Joe Biden. I guess Hillary is already running things, but she is not happy. 

[Leaked on 9.16.16]

Dear Biden

Joe … I know you have been going behind my back and trying to convince the party that I’m too sick and it’s not too late to dump me and take you instead. That will never happen!

I have a chokehold on this party and you will literally have to pry it out of my cold dead hands before I allow then to turn against me. As we both know, that may be sooner than later, but not soon enough to stop me from taking the White House.

If it…



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