Guy Wakes Up After a Heavy Night of Drinking With Transgender Man in Bed

A man and his girlfriend were in Thailand sightseeing and one night he was drinking heavily and passed out. when he awoke in the morning, his girlfriend was nowhere to be found.  Instead a ladyboy was in bed with him and he panicked.  What the hell had he done the night before?

 A Czech YouTube prankster had the tables turned on him when his girlfriend pranked him after a night of heavy drinking (video below).

Cenek Stybl, part of the ViralBrothers team of YouTube pranksters, was out with his girlfriend Lenka during a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, when he got “totally drunk” and fell asleep in their hotel room.

Lenka then had the idea to trick her boyfriend into believing that he’d had way too much fun the night before — hiring…



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