Guns Don’t Kill People. . .

Guns don’t kill people, psychiatrists kill people. Ran across this today as the people in Florida wrestle with a scenario we’ve unfortunately all become accustomed to. Copied the following from my news feed this morning.

“In the hours after the shooting, people who knew Mr. Cruz described him as a “troubled kid” who enjoyed showing off his firearms, bragging about killing animals and whose mother would resort to calling the police to have them come to their home to try to talk some sense into him. At a school with about 3,000 students, Mr. Cruz stayed to himself and had few friends but struck fear in some students with erratic behavior and an affinity for violence.”

This is what I call the “WTF” factor. Another article claimed that we’ve had up towards thirty or more school shootings this year so far. I would venture to say that all



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