Guess Who Hasn’t Verified The Salacious Parts Of The Trump Dossier?

What the Democrats and the far left (But I repeat myself) really want is some confirmation one the really dirty parts of the Trump Dossier. As of this writing, no parts of the Department of Justice, including the FBI, have found any supporting evidence.

For all that is known, it could very well be a made up story. It certainly reads like a really bad pulp fiction novel. The agent that produced it does not have the best reputation, nor does the group that hired him to produce a hit piece.

As Written By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

Officials with the FBI and Justice Department recently told Congress that they have been unable to corroborate the most salacious parts of the infamous anti-Trump dossier, according to a new report.

The FBI is said to have relied on the dossier, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, for its investigation



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