Guess Which President Economists Reveal They Credit For U.S. Economic Growth, Stock Market?

The year 2017 has seen economic growth that has only been hoped for the previous eight years. Because this happened under the auspices of President Trump, he would naturally expect to receive the credit for being the cause of the success. Because no economy lives in a vacuum, President Obama thinks that his policies leading up to 2017 were the causes for the great improvement. When in doubt, go take a survey. Here is what a large group of economists have to say.

As Written and Reported By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump has repeatedly touted the flourishing economic climate in the United States as being one of the major successes of his administration — a fact that goes either largely unreported in the media or is reported as the fruits of the Obama administration. But a new report shows that economists agree with Trump’s assessment.

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