Gross! ‘Period Positive Leggings’ Being Pushed by Feminists, and It Is DISGUSTING!

A group called POPRAGEOUS is now selling and promoting anti-trump merchandise. They are also selling  disgusting new pair of leggings that I am praying DOES NOT turn into a trend. They are referred to as “Period Positive” leggings, and look as if they have been bled into.

Can you say GROSS!? Who, in their right mind, would wear these!?

Here are some of the other offensive products that this company is pushing:

Who would be proud of being a “Nasty Woman”?? I am actually embarrassed for them.

Really? How is it acceptable to wear something so offensive?

Then there is this one below. “Fighting the patriarchy is exhausting.” You have to be kidding me. Wearing vagina hats and not shave must be soooooooo tiring. How about the women who actually get out and work everyday? The ones who aren’t on a feminist high horse! We get tired…



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