Governor Jerry Brown continues to defy the nation

The security of the citizens of California seems to mean very little to California Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Moonbeam is much more interested in making political statements and political gestures than he is for the safety and well-being of the citizens of the Golden State.

His latest political grandstanding has to do with the deportation of two convicted criminal illegal aliens. Out there they would be called Undocumented Criminals, I guess. In order to prevent them from being deported as should happen to all illegals, he pardoned their crimes. This is supposed to prevent them from having to be deported. maybe ICE can find a workaround and deport them anyway.

As Written and Reported By Chriss W. Street for Breitbart: 

California Gov. Jerry Brown celebrated a Sanctuary State Christmas by pardoning two convicted criminal aliens to prevent their deportation next week by the Trump administration.

Brown’s Christmas giving this year included granting 132



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