Gov. Officials Break into Jiangxi Church, Assault Elderly, Vandalize Church

The attack on Christians world-wide continues as the International Christian Concern (ICC) has reported on Friday that on the morning of November 21, more than 100 government officers in uniform raided the Beimen (North Gate) Catholic Church in the city of Ji’an in Jiangxi Province, China.

The officials tore religious posters, shattered religious icons and statues, and injured four elderly Catholics who were defending the church.

These officers from City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, commonly known as Chengguan, are part of city management agencies responsible for handling daily aspects of urban life. They are notorious for their use of violence and capricious crackdowns. In this instance, they were employed to confiscate the church property, although they had no legal basis for doing so.

According to UCA News, Bishop John Baptist Li Suguang of Jiangxi asked priests to spread news of the raid to the public. The next day,



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