Got an accusation? New ruling puts you on notice

Who hasn’t heard of the hundreds of sex-assault and -abuse allegations made against Hollywood, political, sports and even religious personalities lately?

Or all of the claims made in the so-called anti-Trump “dossier.”

There’s a new court decision that puts on notice anyone who might be tempted to make an allegation.

You need evidence.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reinstated a defamation suit against a non-profit that assists victims of domestic violence, ruling that a woman’s claim that she is a survivor of domestic violence — for which evidence is absent — has been determined to be “defamatory per se.”

The case was brought by Kurt Maethner against his former wife, Jacquelyn Jorud, and the organization, Someplace Safe, which gave Jorud an award and publicized her claims.

There were no claims of domestic abuse or violence when the two divorced in 2010. Nor did Jorud ever obtain a restraining order against Maethner.

But in a fundraising



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