GOP Lawmaker Calls For Contempt Charges Against The FBI and DOJ [Video]

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes wants some people held in contempt and he wants it now. The FBI and the Department of Justice have been stonewalling Congressional committees far too long. 

The anti-Trump Russian dossier has been around for a while now and Congress wants to know what the FBI knows. They want to know it right now. Heck, they wanted to know, last year. Still getting nothing from the people that they have oversight of. What is wrong with this picture?

As Written and Reported by Alex Pappas for Fox News:

A Republican lawmaker says top officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice “should be held in contempt” of Congress if they don’t hand over documents related to an anti-Trump dossier to the House Intelligence Committee.

“I think if they don’t produce those documents on the third of January, they should be held in contempt,” Florida



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