GOP establishment declares ‘open warfare’ on Bannon

Steve Bannon (’60 Minutes’ screenshot)

Get ready to watch the attempted crucifixion of Stephen K. Bannon.

Politically, that is.

Bannon is being targeted by a big-money PAC tied to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The GOP establishment has, in fact, declared “open warfare” on Bannon and any candidates, for the U.S. Senate on down, that take up his mantel of “America First.” They will find well-funded opponents in the primaries, according to Washington insiders.

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McConnell and his allies have detested Bannon from the beginning because he was the man who had Trump’s ear on important issues like immigration and refugee resettlement, foreign trade and foreign policy.

The guiding principle for all these issues was “America First,” meaning the interests of hard-working Americans, who have seen their jobs disappear and their wages steadily eroded over the past 25 years, should be placed above the interests of any



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