Google SNUBS Christians for 18th year in a row

Many Christians were angered on Easter Sunday when they found out that Google was snubbing their holiday for the 18th year in a row.

Social media was filled with a chorus of angered Christians bashing the search engine for their insult to the most important religious holiday in the Christian faith.

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Hollywood actor James Woods jumped on board and added, “They loathe Christians. Plain and simple.”

Many other Twitter users chimed in on condemning Google —

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Fox News reports that the search engine did celebrate April Fool’s Day on Sunday “by inserting a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ game into Google Maps.

In response to a question from Fox News on why the search engine would ignore a major Christian holiday, Google responded that they celebrated in their own way by tweeting out a “Happy Easter” message on Twitter on March 30 — two full days before the actual holiday.

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Google has not celebrated Easter since April 23, 2000 when the search engine used two candy eggs as the o’s in Google on their homepage.

Google Easter Doodle 2000

While the tech giant does not celebrate Easter Sunday with Google Doodles, they do celebrate Earth Day, Martin Luther King Day, Lunar New Year, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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