Google Adds Phony “Fact Checker” To Conservative Search Results

There is a media war occurring in the American free press as we speak, and the left is using unprecedented illusions to mask their narrative malfeasance.

It all began during the tumultuous election of 2016 as Hillary Clinton began desperately flailing about the debate stages and insinuating some truly bizarre ideas that she had about Donald Trump.  Many of these insults had to do with the left’s Russian conspiracy theory in which Donald Trump was supposedly a puppet for Vladimir Putin – something that months of investigation by Robert Mueller still hasn’t been able to produce a shred of evidence regarding.

During this absurd abomination of presidential politics, the term “fake news” began circulating about, with the left originally attempting to brand websites such as Breitbart some sort of charlatan media outfit.  The Democrats declared Steve Bannon, executive of Breitbart at the time, some sort of mythical media

Andrew West

Andrew West

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