‘God Chose to Put Me in That Place at That Particular Moment’ Says Forgiven Criminal Who Saved Life of Cop [VIDEO]

Interstate 10 in western Arizona is a long stretch of highway traveling through miles of open desert. Once you drive about 30 miles from downtown Phoenix, buildings and houses give way to creosote bushes, Palo Verde trees and cactus. It’s the type of open terrain that lure a driver into unknown sleep if he or she is not careful. At night, it can be a lonely place, except for those who leave early on their way to the busy Los Angeles metropolitan area.

In the early cold morning of January 12, 2017 (yes, it can and does get cold in the desert at night this time of year), Thomas Yoxall was heading to a conference in Anaheim, California. In 2002, Yoxall was an avid hunter who was charged with felony theft. In 2003, his case plead down to a misdemeanor, which allowed him to petition the courts to reinstate his…



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