Gloria Allred’s Blunder on Roy Moore’s Yearbook Challenge

Gloria Allred is a highly accomplished, if controversial, lawyer who is admired — or reviled — for her sensational representation of women who are alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Yet on Wednesday she committed a major blunder when she declined a public invitation by the attorney representing Roy Moore, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Alabama, to have a key piece of evidence examined by independent experts.

Earlier that afternoon, attorney Phillip L. Jauregui questioned some of the claims by Allred’s client, Beverly Young Nelson, who emerged Monday to accuse Moore of sexual assault several decades ago. In particular, Jauregui said that Nelson’s claim that she had no subsequent contact with Moore was false, because he had adjudicated her divorce in 1999. And he challenged a signature in Nelson’s high school yearbook that she claimed was Moore’s.

Jauregui noted that handwriting experts “can’t look at a copy on the Internet … they’ve got



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