Git Your Gun

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A wife comes in from the porch. “Frank! Git your gun. Edna just told me that General Washington wants y’all to meet down at the store. Something about the British a coming up the road. They got some Indians with ‘em, too!”

The man sets his book down, “Damn! You mean like right now!”

“Well, yeah. General Washington wouldn’t have got all suited up if’n they wasn’t a coming.”

Putting his boots back on, the man trudges toward the back of the house. “Sarah! Where’s the gun?”

“If it ain’t in the pantry you probably put it under the bed. Try there.”

Not finding the gun in the pantry, the man lays down, fumbling beneath the bed. After a moment he locates the weapon behind the chamber pot. Pulling it out, he sits on the bed, checking the action. Then he returns to the floor, once



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