Girl Scouts Warn Parents: Don’t Force Your Daughter to Hug Relatives During the Holiday Season

As a person who often gives hugs to people, I must say I find this totally absurd! I get the whole sexual harassment thing, believe me. But do we really need the Girl Scouts telling us not to hug our grandchildren? Come on!

Sure there is a huge deluge of sexual harassment and abuse allegations coming out Hollywood, Capitol Hill, but it’s not because grandchildren hugged their grandparents. Get real!

It’s more about the lack of principles and morality of people with power and perverts who go unchecked or held accountable for their actions. Just look at Weinstein, Epstein and Clinton – all repetitive perverts over at least several decades. All with gross and inappropriate behavior that was ignored or swept under the rug.

However, a new article at the Girl Scouts website argues that it could be in part because too many parents told too many children to hug too



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