Get killed or get arrested: What’s going on outside White House?

Jessica Ford, 35, (left) was arrested Feb. 23, 2018, after she intentionally rammed a White House security barrier while armed with a BB gun. When officers attempted to stop her, she struck the barrier two more times. She was arrested without a shot fired. In 2013, unarmed mother Miriam Carey (right) made a wrong turn into the White House guard post, was chased by federal officers and shot to death in a hail of as many as 20 bullets

It’s a startling contrast that leaves a grieving family wanting answers: Why did federal authorities fire as many as 20 shots at an unarmed black mother with no criminal history who made a wrong turn into a White House gate – killing her in front of her toddler – and later take an armed white woman, who was a known security threat, into custody without firing a single shot?

Jessica Ford, 35, was arrested



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