George Clooney: Hillary’s Just Not Good At This

Hillary Clinton was an embarrassing failure for the Democrats in 2016, and her continued belief in the post-election blame game has brought with it a massive backlash. And now one of her biggest supporters, George Clooney is telling the truth about her.

Just months after Donald Trump ignited the nation’s conservative majority in his successful bid for the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton released her own, tainted version of the electoral story in a book hilariously titled What Happened.  While the rest of the nation understood exactly why the corrupt and tainted democratic candidate was unable to defeat the far more popular Trump, it seemed that Hillary wasn’t quite ready to acquiesce the loss, nor was she ready to prove herself capable of being culpable for the disgraceful and dismal end to her political aspirations.

Now, that tawdry tale of woe, which has been panned as nothing more than Clinton slinging insults

Andrew West

Andrew West

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