Genocide in America . . . For Cash

To the dismay of pink hat wearing “feminists,” President Trump is dismantling the abortion industry. Taxpayer funded international abortions are banned and these women are fearful there will be more limits in the future.

These same liberals ignore marked disparities in a race in regards to abortion.

While minority women constitute 13% of the female population in America, they underwent approximately 36% of abortions performed.

African American women are over 5 times more likely to have an abortion and almost 2000 black babies are aborted daily in the US.

Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen Broden holds religious leaders in the black community partly responsible for the genocide of black babies.

“What we are witnessing is a gross insensitivity to the almost 1,500 abortions of black babies a day that occur in America.

When these spiritual leaders should be resisting the culture of death that has so adversely impacted…



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